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SEK 45

per month
Only Swedish citizens can buy the insurance
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Assistance Car is specially designed to make your everyday life with cars much safer and easier. The insurance is personbased, which means that it applies to you, when you as a driver or passenger have an unforeseen breakdown with a car. It therefore cover you regardless of whether you driving in your own, your friends or a rented car. The insurance is built so that you will avoid a lot of hassle by us providing lightning-fast help on site or that the car is towed to a workshop. We also make sure that you can continue in a rental car without any longer interruptions. As an alternative to a rental car, you can choose another type of service or compensation that better suits your situation. Should you become acutely ill, we will make sure that the car is transported to your home so you do not have to think about it as well.
When does it cover?
In Sweden and Europe (in the Green Card countries - see who is included here)
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Regardless of personal car you drive or travel in
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Regardless of age or km reading on the car
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All types of breakdowns and damage events
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Breakdowns with connected caravan, trailer or other trailer
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What does it cover?
Repair on spot
Jumpstart, Fuel refilling, Key problems, Puncture, Winching
To nearest workshop.
Rental Car
Equivalent in size rental car for 3 days.
Travel home or to destination
Travel in a suitable way for the policyholder and accompanying passengers.
Hotel accommodation for maximum 3 days.
Downtime Compensation
SEK 800 in a standard amount
Pick up Car
Travel in a suitable manner for the policyholder to pick up the repaired vehicle.
In case of acute illness
We transport the car to your home if you or someone else due to illness cannot drive it yourself.
Other information
For more detailed information about the product, what amount limits or other restrictions there are, you will find below in pre-purchase information and in the complete terms and conditions.
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