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We are constantly looking for creative talent who wants to challenge the status quo in a conservative assistance and insurance industry.

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Culture of creatives

Creativity is something that permeates everything we do at AssistMe, whether you write code, launch a campaign, change work processes or assist customers. We get a kick out of finding the smartest new solutions to be able to help people in an easier and faster way, where nothing is impossible.

We despise corporate policies, hierarchy and talk that never lead anywhere. Instead we are obsessed with getting things done in an agile and fast way to together change an assistance and insurance industry that has stood still for eternity for the benefit of people.

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Flexible way of working

Our workplace is not like an ordinary office, but we work flexibly, agile and love to bring in new feelings and impressions from other people's surroundings. Therefore, co-working and flexibility are a central part of our companies DNA. Creativity and positive energy are something that go hand in hand.

So we think that why should you not be able to spend 2 months in the Alps if you are passionate about skiing or be able to be in your summerhouse all summer if that is what you love and get maximum positive energy from?

Therefore, we offer a unique flexibility where you can work remotely when it is practically feasible.

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