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Latest updated: 2020-10-01

Welcome to AssistMe - a digital assistance and insurance service directly in your smartphone!

These terms of use, together with our privacy policy and insurance terms, apply to the use of the digital services provided by AssistMe Försäkring i Sverige AB, corporate identity no. 559246-3425, ("AssistMe" or "we") offers you through our app (the "Service"). Please read these Terms of Use carefully before using the Service. You must agree to the terms of use to be entitled to use the Service.

1. General
The service is an application-based e-assistance service in mobile, where you can digitally buy insurance coverage, request assistance and get help provided by suppliers in the event of an emergency, see and follow your cases "LIVE", report and request compensation claims from affiliated insurance coverage and communicate with us through digital channels or by telephone. Please note that to access all services in the app, there must be a valid insurance cover through AssistMe. When you are in need of assistance or wish to report a claim for compensation from our protection, you need to provide certain information such as the damage position, which object it is, what has happened and possibly attach certain documents digitally. If for any reason you do not have access to the digital service in the App, you can always get in touch with our alarm center around the clock and request assistance by calling our alarm center +46 771 28 28 28 or contact our Support for non-emergency matters. support.se@assistme.eu or +46 8 448 09 09.

2. Your account and use of the service
To create a user account and use the Service, you must be 18 years of age or older. To be able to access the Service and be able to buy one of our insurance, you must first create a user account. When you register your account, you will be asked to provide certain personal information. You confirm that the information you fill in is correct and up to date and you are responsible for, during the time you have an account, keeping the information up to date. Information about our processing of personal data is documented in our privacy policy. Your user account is personal and you are responsible for ensuring that no one else can use your user account. You are responsible for all use of the Service made through your user account.

3. Provision of the service
AssistMe continuously develops the Service and may completely or partially update, change or temporarily or permanently discontinue providing the Service or certain parts thereof (such as, but not limited to, features and available services). Insurances that are active and linked to the Service are not affected by the above, however, other than how the contact with the Services included in the insurance may then change temporarily or permanently. We may need to perform work that affects the Service, and the Service may from time to time completely or partially be unavailable or not working satisfactorily due to. planned or unplanned maintenance, malfunctions or other circumstances. You can then always get in touch with AssistMe by calling our emergency center on 0771-28 28 28 or in case of non-emergency contact our support. support.se@assistme.eu or +46 8 448 09 09.

AssistMe has the right to suspend your account and unsubscribe from the Service with immediate effect if you misuse the Service, cause damage or inconvenience to the use of the Service or us or you otherwise violate these terms of use or the applicable terms and conditions of insurance. You do not have the right to re-register or register a new account without special permission from AssistMe if your account has been suspended in accordance with this section.

4. AssistMe insurance
AssistMe Försäkring i Sverige AB is a group representative for our customers (group members) and is based on a group agreement between AssistMe and for each time the insurer (Insurance Company). On the basis of the group agreement, group members can take out the unique insurance cover we offer in the Service. The terms are negotiated as part of the group agreement between AssistMe and the insurer and apply between the insurer and the Group Member who has chosen to take out the insurance. You can at the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket), www.bolagsverket.secheck our permission to mediate insurance as an affiliated insurance mediator. More information about AssistMe as an insurance intermediary and the current insurer is described in more detail in each individual insurance terms and conditions that you can read directly in the App or on our websites.

5. Fees and payment
The service is included free of charge in all insurance cover provided by AssistMe. Payment of insurance cover is made through the different payment methods offered in the Service at any given time.

6. Your responsibility
You are responsible for ensuring that your account is used in accordance with these terms of use, other terms set out in the Service and the specific insurance terms you have chosen to take out, as well as any applicable law. If you publish information in the Service, you are solely responsible for the content of such information.

7. Our responsibility
We strive to provide the Service continuously and with stability. However, the service is provided in its existing condition and without any commitments or guarantees of any kind. AssistMe is not responsible for any damages that may arise as a result of you not being able to access the digital Service. We reserve the right to update, revise, or temporarily or permanently discontinue providing the Service. Insurances that are active and linked to the Service are not affected by the above, however, other than how the contact with the Services included in the insurance may then change temporarily or permanently. We are not responsible for the content of external websites linked to or from the Service or our websites. .AssistMe´'s liability for the Service is in any case limited to liability for proven, direct damage and to a maximum amount corresponding to ten thousand (10,000) SEK that depends on the Service itself. We are therefore not liable for consequential damages, non-profit, non-expected savings and / or other indirect damages. With regard to liability for directly incurred damages in connection with the purchase of insurance cover or when ordering and carrying out assistance, this is regulated in the insurance terms applicable at any given time. You have access to the insurance terms in the App and on our websites.

8. Termination of the terms of use / terminate account
These terms of use apply as long as you have a user account. If you no longer wish to be bound by the Terms of Use, you must close your account according to the instructions in the account. If you close your account, we will promptly delete all provided and stored information about you, with the exception of such information that we are required by law to save.

9. Immaterial rights
Ownership, copyright and all other rights in the Service, AssistMe´s trademark, company name, and websites and all documents used and / or provided by AssistMe, on websites and in the Service, belong to AssistMe (or, as the case may be, our insurers) with exclusive rights. All copying, modification, transfer and / or other use of AssistMe´'s materials that are not expressly permitted under these Terms of Use or our instructions from time to time is prohibited. You acknowledge and agree that unauthorized use of our intellectual property rights may, in addition to violating the Terms of Use, be criminal. The ownership and copyright of any images and video material provided by you belong to you. However, AssistMe reserves the right to use such images and video material in insurance matters in order to provide the Service to you. This means, among other things, that AssistMe has the right to store and copy, and may provide, such images and video material to our insurer in the event of, for example, claims. We do not use images and video material provided by you for any purpose other than to provide the Service.

10. Processing of your personal data
AssistMe is responsible for the processing of the personal data you provide in your user account. When signing up for insurance coverage, we will share personal information with the insurer. You can read about how and why we process your personal data and what rights you have regarding spring processing in our privacy policy.

11. Changes of conditions
AssistMe may change these Terms of Use unilaterally. In the event of a change, we will publish the new terms of use on the website, and will inform you through the Service and / or via the e-mail address you have entered in the Service that the terms of use have changed. If you do not accept one or more changes to the terms of use The service and unregister your account, or contact us and request that we unregister your account.

12. Om vi inte kommer överens
If you are not satisfied with our Service, we want you to contact us so we can try to solve the problem immediately or give you advice on how to get your case reconsidered. You then contact our support via the app or via email to support.se@assistme.eu or by phone +46 8 448 09 09. If you are still not satisfied, you can contact our complaint manager via email to feedback.se@assistme.eu, to have your case reconsidered. If you have had your case reconsidered and you are still not satisfied, you have the opportunity to turn to the following instances:
Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden (ARN) Adress: Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm, phone: +46 8 50886000. www.arn.se
ARN examines complaints from private individuals, but not causal issues in traffic accidents. The trial is free. You can also go to a general court to have your case tried.

13. Contact us
If you want help or other contact with us, you can send an email to hello@assistme.eu or call +46 8 448 09 00.