Privacy Policy

for AssistMe Försäkring i Sverige AB
latest update: 2020-10-01

1. Introduction
We at AssistMe process your personal data in various contexts, for example when you buy insurance through us, order services from us, use services that we deliver and in other contexts. In our privacy policy, you will find more information about how we process personal data. Below you will also find contact information if you have questions or want more insight into the information we save. We process your personal data in accordance with current Swedish Personal Data Act and the EU Data Protection Regulation GDPR.

2. Data controller for your personal data
AssistMe Försäkring i Sverige AB, 559246-3425, phone. +46 8 448 09 00, email is responsible for the processing of personal data in the app and on our websites, for our central systems for insurance administration, invoicing and operational operations. When you use the AssistMe app and pay with us, AssistMe is responsible for processing. AssistMe is also processing responsible for our marketing and sending of e-mails to customers and contacts as well as other digital marketing.

3. Processing of personal data when using the AssistMe app
We have developed the AssistMe app for iOS and Android. In our app you will find information about your membership, about your insurance, purchase history, about case and about AssistMe. You can use the app to buy insurance, order assistance, add discount agreements & items, choose charity programs, get support through FAQ or via chat. Our app asks you for the following access: access to location data so that we can position you for assistance, receive data from the internet, view network connections, full network access, prevent the device from going into sleep mode, allow push messages. You choose whether you want to grant access to the information that our app requests. If you deny access to that information, this will affect the functionality of the app. You can change the access permission of the app at any time. We also give you the opportunity to change your settings to customize the app.

4. Processing of personal data on your profile (membership)
To be able to use AssistMe, you need to create a user account in our digital service (App). In connection with you creating a user account, we process the personal information we need to be able to create a profile. This is information that you have given us directly or that we obtain through information from you from external databases. We process information about your identity by social security number, name, address, mobile number and email address. Under your profile, you can also choose to register different vehicles, items, discount agreements and other information to simplify later ordering processes. This information is collected from you. The information you provide is saved together with damage data and purchase history. We use this information to adapt the experience in the app and to be able to handle the assistance or damage that you report via us. The reason for our use of the information is to fulfill the agreement with you.

5. Processing of personal data when purchasing insurance
n connection with you purchasing insurance through us, we process the personal data we need to be able to fulfill the agreements on the purchase of insurance. We also share the personal information required with the current insurer in order for an insurance contract to be drawn up. This is information that you have given us through your profile or other information that you provide so that we can establish agreements. For example, we process information about your identity through social security numbers, your contact information and your payment information. We register all purchases and orders you make with us so that you can pay for them. We process this information for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the insurance agreement with you and as long as current legislation or authorities impose this on us.

6. Processing of personal data when ordering assistance or reporting a claim
In connection with you ordering assistance or reporting a claim, we process the personal data we need to be able to fulfill the agreement for the delivery of our Services. This is information that you have given us through your profile and specific claim information for the particular case in question. We process, for example, information about your profile, position, objects, cause of damage and other information that we need to be able to carry out the Service in accordance with the agreement. The information you provide is saved together with the event log and supplier information. We use this information so that we can easily regulate and pay compensation to which you are entitled according to insurance terms. We also share the personal and claims information required with the current insurer in order for compensation to be paid. In addition, the information is saved so that you can easily follow your orders and see them in the app even when they are completed.

7. Processing of personal data for marketing purposes
We will use your e-mail address or telephone number to send you news, information about the service and offers within the rules of existing customer relationships. The basis for this is marketing legislation. We contact you on social media after your consent or within an existing customer relationship. To use social media as a communication channel, we must provide your e-mail address or telephone number to the relevant social media. Our reason for this is your approval or legitimate interest. You can also reserve yourself from receiving our mailings and marketing. You do this by choosing to stop subscribing to our e-mail list in the email we send out or contact us by e-mail

8. Processing of personal data for development, troubleshooting and security
We process data that includes personal data to troubleshoot and correct errors, improve our services and the technology we use, and to analyze usage and user behavior. We also process personal data to verify your identity, including verifying identity in connection with your use of our digital services. We anonymize data or compile statistics to the extent we can, but we also process personal data in development, troubleshooting, statistics and security purpose.

9. Processing of personal data for other purposes
For competitions or other activities that you can participate in, we process personal information such as names and contact information when this is necessary, for example to register who participates and then draw one or more winners. We will, to the extent possible, provide concrete information about this when you participate in competitions or other activities. If you contact our support or otherwise contact us with questions, we process personal information you provide as far as is necessary to answer and log your question. We also keep a list of which newsletters and offers we send out, and whether they are opened. The reason for this is legitimate interests or to fulfill agreements with you or answer your questions. The legitimate interests are to have good customer service and to adapt the amount of newsletters that are sent. In addition to the processing we have described in our privacy policy or based on your consent, we will at some point process personal data when applicable legislation, including the Personal Data Act and GDPR, applicable government rules or if a court imposes or allows us to do so.

10. Processing of personal data about our suppliers, corporate customers and contacts in the business world
We process information about contact persons at our suppliers, corporate customers, partners, participants in our events aimed at the business community and other people who appear in the business community. We do this to be able to work efficiently, enter into and manage contracts, recruit, run our company and develop our company and our professional network. This information usually consists of name, contact information, position, company, competence, corporate interests and participation in our events for the business community or previously shown interest in us and our employees. We store such information as long as we value that the company and the people are one of our company contacts. The reason for this is legitimate interests.

11.Disclosure of personal data and statutory processing
We do not disclose your personal data to third parties unless required to fulfill our agreements with you or that you have not consented to it, or if applicable law, including the Personal Data Act and GDPR, government rules or courts allow us or impose this on us. For the sake of order, we inform you that our use of data processing to process data on our behalf, does not count as disclosure.

12. Collection of personal data from other sources
To ensure that we have correct information about you, we can compare your information with other sources such as the population register and the like. We also collect demographic information such as age, gender and language from other sources. We also collect information from our partners when this is legal and necessary for the delivery of services and communication to you.

13. Your rights
You as a person have more rights according to the regulations for personal data. You have the right to demand access, correction or deletion of personal data that we process about you. You also have the right to demand limited processing, the right to oppose the processing and to demand the right to data. Here you can request information about how we process your personal data. If you have more questions, you are welcome to contact us by email: will respond to your message as soon as possible and no later than 30 days. We will ask you to confirm your identity or provide additional information before we allow you to access your information. We do this to ensure that we only give access to your personal information to you - and not to anyone else who pretends to be you.

14. Incorrect processing of personal data
f you believe that our processing of personal data does not comply with what is described here or that we in any other way violate the Personal Data Act, you can complain to the Data Inspectorate (Datainspektionen). You will find information on how to contact the Data Inspectorate on their website

15. Cookies
We use cookies to improve the user experience on our websites and in our app. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your device: mobile, computer or tablet. The cookie recognizes the type of content you have searched for and the pages you have visited on our website. Information stored with the help of a cookie can be how you use our website, what type of browser you use and which pages you have visited. A permanent cookie remains on your computer for a certain period of time. A session cookie is temporarily stored in the memory while you are on our website. The Sessions cookie disappears when you close your browser. We use both permanent cookies and session cookies. AssistMe may also use third-party cookies. If you do not want our websites to place cookies on your computer, you can deactivate cookies in your browser. If you deactivate cookies, the functionality of our website will be limited.

16. Change in privacy policy or in the processing of data
We work continuously with the development and improvement of our services for our customers. This may change the way or scope of our processing of personal data. The information we provide through this privacy policy will therefore be adjusted and updated on an ongoing basis. We will also change the privacy policy when new rules or government practices make this necessary.