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Forget all you know about insurance...

Instead, everything instant, easy to understand and total hassle-free.

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AssistMe - Next generation insurances

Insurance, with everything you need in an app!

Imagine insurance where you do not have to keep track of your insurance policy, wait for help or get paid for your expenses.

Instead, you have everything collected in one place, easily accessible and instantly in an app.

Teckna försäkring med några få knapptryck

Insurance on your terms

When you buy an insurance with AssistMe, all vehicles you drive in or have connected are protected. Whether it is your own, borrowed or rented vehicle you have problems with at your home address or along the road in Europe. We make it easy when you are in need of assistance.

Our benefits

In addition to having everything easily accessible and collected in one app, we have taken as a starting point what people actually expect from their insurance when they need assistance. Therefore, our terms are generous, easy to understand and to use. Always without deductibles and other surprising extra costs.


All cars you drive in, in one insurance.

Regardless of whether you drive your own, borrowed or rented car, you are protected.


No strange restrictions

Cover all type of breakdowns and without limitation on car age or miles driven.


Instant help, no matter where.

Cover regardless of whether you are at your home address or somewhere in Europe.


We do not just talk, we pay.

Feel completely confident in always getting the help and compensation you are entitled to.

See how it works?


Frequently asked questions

How does AssistMe guarantee me compensation?
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Even though we are new in the market, we are backed by a large international insurance company WR.Berkley. Berkley is a Fortune 500 company listed on the NY Stock Exchange. Berkley is the insurer for our insurance products that we provide to you who are a member of AssistMe. Berkley are ultimately responsible for and pay all claims costs. It can hardly be safer than that!
What is meant by person-based insurance?
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Person-based insurance is an insurance that applies to you as a person and not only to a specific object that is the most common form of insurance for vehicles. The advantage of a personal insurance is that regardless of whether it is an object you own, borrow or rent, the insurance applies when you personally have a breakdown. You can therefore always feel completely safe in receiving the help from AssistMe.
Why should I have AssistMe when I have assistance in my car insurance?
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Assistance and insurance is a very broad concept with very varying content, limitations, service levels and deductibles. That is exactly why we created AssistMe, with the goal of making it much easier and safer for people in acute situations - for an affordable cost per month. In an emergency situation, you should not have to think about which vehicle you are traveling in, if the breakdown covers or where you are. Just push at the assistance button, and you will get everything fixed immediately, without a lot of hassle and expensive surprises.
What is meant by qualifying time?
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Qualifying period is the time between the date of purchase and the date when the insurance begins to give the right to compensation. During the qualifying period, no compensation is therefore given if you need to use the insurance.

In order not to create confusion or question marks as to whether the insurance provides compensation or not, we have in the app made it possible to only select a start date on the insurance after the qualifying period has passed. This means that the insurance then provides compensation directly from the start date of the insurance and we can avoid misunderstandings.
How does it work if I change vehicles?
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Since our insurances are personbased, you do not have to think about anything, as long as the vehicle you change to is of the same vehicle class for what the insurance cover.
How do I cancel my insurance?
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You cancel an insurance by clicking on the green switch on your insurance in the app.

If you change your mind, you can, during the notice period if there is one, make it fully active again by switching it on again.

Insurances you take out per day can not be canceled, but they instead end automatically when the insurance period ends. However, you can extend the insurance while it is active, if you need to be insured for a few extra days.

If you have any questions, you can always chat with us in the app.

Backed by

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Our insurance products are backed by Berkley Nordic, which is part of W.R. Berkley Corporation. W.R. Berkley is a worldwide non-life insurance company listed on the N.Y. Stock Exchange and is a Fortune 500 company.