The secrets behind our instant assistance service

With the help of AI, a dedicated team and top-class suppliers, our assistance is delivered with an experience beyond the ordinary.

Handle everything with a few keystrokes in the AssistMe app!

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Like UBER, but instead it's a tow truck coming!

Mockups order assistance in the AssistMe app

No unnecessary middlemen, just lightning fast help!

Get started with AssistMe
How it works

Covered within minutes
Help within seconds

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1. Download
You download our app, register a profile and can look around in the app.
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2. Buy product
Choose one of our products in the app and pay by creditcard
Illustration woman sit on car smartphone covered insurance
3. Covered
When your insurance is active, you can use our free assistance service.
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* Choose charity
We donate surpluses to charity, which is distributed according to your choice.

Curious about how it works in practice?
Download and check out the app today.

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How it works

Easy. Hassle-free. Instant.

Illustration woman with breakdown pressing alarm button for roadside assistance with assistme
1. Push the
Assistance button
Order assistance with a few keystrokes.
AssistMe on the way
2. Instant
The nearest tow trruck is assigned digitally from the app without unnecessary intermediaries.
AssistMe on spot
3. We help you
back on track!
If we do not make it on the spot, the car will be towed and you move on in a replacement car.
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* Re-imbursement
Suppliers invoice us directly, but if you have other expenses, you will receive money within seconds.

Follow everything in the app

You follow suppliers and the entire case process live in the app. We monitor everything and help you until everything is resolved.

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AssistMe Support
Available 24/7 - 365
Get help with compensations and ordering non-acute services and get answers on all your questions.

If you don´t have access to the app, you can call our Alarm center 24/7.

+46 771 28 28 28

Top-class suppliers

Together with our top-class suppliers, we solve your problems with hyperspeed!

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How it works

If you have a claim for compensation, you report it directly in the app and you get paid within seconds.

Illustration female assistme customer woman report claim on smartphone
1. Report compensation
Open up a chat, select claims and follow the instructions you receive from our Bot.
Illustration female assistme customer follow claim process on smartphone
2. Digital Claimhandling
Your claim is regulated digitally when possible, with a personal check when needed.
Illustration female assistme customer get paid by swish on smartphone
3. Payment in seconds
Compensation is paid instantly via digital payment solutions such as Swish.

If you do not have access to the app, you can report compensation request to our support by email. We respond within a few minutes.