Frequently asked

How does AssistMe guarantee me compensation?
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Even though we are new to the market, we are backed by a large international insurance company WR.Berkley. Berkley is a Fortune 500 company listed on the NY Stock Exchange. Berkley is the insurer for our insurance products that we provide to you who are a member of AssistMe. Berkley are ultimately responsible for and pay all claims costs. It can hardly be safer than that!
How do you ensure that I receive instant assistance?
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We work with leading suppliers with a strong nationwide or local base. With the help of our smart digital platform, we have been able to eliminate unnecessary middlemen who otherwise steal a lot of time. Instead, the nearest suitable supplier receives your order directly, completely digitally in a second. To ensure quality throughout the entire life cycle of the case, we follow each step in real time, which you too can easily follow directly in the app.
How do I get help abroad?
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We have access to a wide network of suppliers across Europe so that we can help you - where you need it, when you need it, always, no matter what!
How do I get help if I do not have access to the app?
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If you do not have access to the app, you can reach our alarm center 24/7.
T- +46 771 28 28 28
What happens if I have received assistance from someone other than you?
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If you have not had the opportunity to contact us due to, for example, a personal injury in a traffic accident or if the injured vehicle had another insurance you chose to get help from, you have the opportunity to instead receive another form of compensation from your AssistMe insurance. Please contact Support in the app and they will help you.
What insurance does AssistMe offer?
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Today, we only provide assistance-related insurance for vehicles. But we will continuously present new products that help people simplify their everyday lives.
Why do you donate surplus to charity?
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Charity is an important building block in our business model and is deeply rooted in our DNA. Unlike ordinary insurance companies, we use an new insurance model that completely lacks conflicts of interest between us. We only charge a fixed fee from the premium to cover our expenses and be able to further develop the service. The rest of the premium goes to paying for claims. When the year is over and we have not had to use all the compensation money, we donate the surplus to charity instead of maximizing our own profit. It is a model that creates benefits for you while we can help make our planet a better place.
Which suppliers do you work with?
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We have carefully selected our partners, who we know for sure deliver according to our high service and quality requirements. That is why we have chosen to work together with the AssistanceKåren, Mabi and Eurotransport for the Swedish market. But we also have access to several thousand other suppliers who can secure your quick help throughout Europe.
Can I order assistance if I do not have your insurance?
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No. To be able to use our digital assistance service in the app, you must have a valid insurance with us to be able to get help.
Why do you only offer payment by card?
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Receiving payment by credit cards makes our payment process much easier to handle and at the same time you get expenses collected on one invoice. In the future, we will be able to offer other digital payment methods.
Why can I only buy your insurance in the app?
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Our goal is to make insurance more easy to understand and easily accessible to buy, manage and use. That's why we have chosen to make it very easy by collecting everything in one place, in your mobile phone through the AssistMe app.
Why should I have AssistMe when I already have access to assistance through another insurance?
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Assistance insurance is a very broad concept with varying coverage, limitations and service levels. We have created AssistMe, with the goal of making everything much easier for people in acute situations - for an affordable cost per month. In an emergency situation, you should not have to think about which car you are traveling in, what damage you have suffered or where you are. In addition, you may have a trailer attached. With the push of a button, you should get everything resolved instantly, without a lot of hassle, bureaucracy and expensive surprises.
What is meant by person-based insurance?
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Person-based insurance is an insurance that applies to you as a person and not only to a specific object that is the most common form of insurance for vehicles. The advantage of a personal insurance is that regardless of whether it is an object you own, borrow or rent, the insurance applies when you personally have a breakdown. You can therefore always feel completely safe in receiving the help from AssistMe.
What is the difference between pre-purchase information and full terms and conditions?
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Pre-purchase information is a more concise version of the contents of an insurance policy, while complete terms and conditions contain all information about the insurance. It is important that you read the terms and conditions when you buy a product, so that you know what you can expect when you need to use it.
What is meant by qualifying time?
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Qualifying period is the time between the date of purchase and the date when the insurance begins to give the right to compensation. During the qualifying period, no compensation is therefore given if you need to use the insurance.

In order not to create confusion or question marks as to whether the insurance provides compensation or not, we have in the app made it possible to only select a start date on the insurance after the qualifying period has passed. This means that the insurance then provides compensation directly from the start date of the insurance and we can avoid misunderstandings.
How do you protect yourself against fraud?
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Our modern digital platform uses AI which enables us to detect scams in no time. Our policy is to report all attempts at insurance fraud to the police.
Why does a vehicle need at least "Halv Försäkring" to be covered by AssistMe?
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It is only for us to be able to keep premiums down to a reasonable level. Statistically speaking, a vehicle that is only "Trafik försäkrad" has a significantly increased risk of breakdowns than vehicles with at least "Halv försäkring".
How do I switch to your assistance insurance?
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It is easy. When you want to switch to us, you should first check the due date of the other insurance. Then sign up with us with the same start date as the due date, so you do not have to be unprotected for a period. Then you can cancel the other insurance on due date. If you need help, just contact our support.
How does it work if I change vehicles?
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Since our insurances are personbased, you do not have to think about anything, as long as the vehicle you change to is of the same vehicle class for what the insurance cover.
How do I cancel my insurance?
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With AssistMe, it is very easy to cancel an insurance. You just click on the "green" switch on an active insurance card in the app.

If you change during the notice period, if there is any, you can make it fully active again by clicking on the now "orange" switch.

Insurance you buying per day can not be canceled, but they are automatically terminated when the insurance period ends. However, you can extend the insurance while it is active, if you need to be insured for a few extra days. If you have any questions, you can always contact our Support in the app.
What is a Green Card?
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When you are abroad with a Swedish-registered vehicle, the compulsory motor insurance covers your liability as a driver / owner for damage that the vehicle may cause. Green card is proof that there is a traffic insurance on the car, because in some countries you still require that you have a physical certificate, a Green Card to enter the country. Read more about how it works and in which countries are included in Green card at TFF (Trafikförsäkringsföreningen)
I can´t save my card in the app?
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Have you approved your card for online purchases or is it activated for 3D Secure? This is something you usually have to turn on manually in your internet bank. If it still does not work, contact your bank or our support for more guidance.?
Can't pay with my card?
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1 Jan 2021, the banks secured full security for card purchases with SCA (secure customer authentication). This has caused problems in transactions for some banks / card issuers. First check that your card is approved for online purchases and is activated for 3D Secure. Then contact your bank or card issuer if it still does not work. You can always contact our support for more guidance.
Personal data
What do you get my information from?
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We collect your personal and address information from, among others, SPAR. The Swedish Tax Agency's register for personal data. Other personal information such as mobile phone and email is information you share with us, when you create an account and profile. For more information: Privacy Policy
What do you save for personal data?
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We only save what is absolutely necessary to be able to take out insurance, be able to easily help you for assistance and to be able to handle an injury quickly. Everything that is not relevant is not something we save. You can always request an extract from the information we have saved. According to current legislation, however, we are obliged to save certain insurance data for up to 11 years, but will continuously delete the information when the deadline for claims expires. For more information: Privacy Policy
How do I delete my account and profile?
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You can choose to terminate your account directly in the app under "change your profile". Closing the account is then only done after 24 hours, so that you have a chance to regret it. Applicable insurances first cease to apply in accordance with an agreed insurance contract. All data that we are not obliged to save under current law will be deleted together with your profile.
I do not get my current position on the map?
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For the map function to work, you must give the AssistMe app access to your location information. You set it on your mobile.
I do not receive push notifications?
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In order to receive our push notifications, you must have approved notifications from us. This is activated in settings and notifications / push notifications in your mobile.
I can´t log in to the app?
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If you can not log in, it may be because you have a bad or no internet connection. If you have forgotten your password, you can order a new one easily in the app. If you have other problems, you can contact our support and they will help you further.
How does the app work if I do not have an internet connection?
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You have the latest data stored since you last had the app up, but you can not buy new insurance, order assistance digitally or chat with us. If you need assistance, press the Assistance button and you will then instead have the option to call us instead. Our alarm center then prepares your case instead of you doing it in the app. As soon as you have internet connection again, you can follow your case in the app.