From necessary evil to social good

Helping is something that is deeply rooted in our DNA. Therefore, it is a matter of course that when our customers do not need help, we instead help humanity.

AssistMe Charity Program

AssistMe gives back

We only charge a fixed fee from your premium to cover our expenses and develop the service further. The rest goes to a locked account to pay for all claims. In some years, when the claims outcome has been less than estimated and the premiums give a surplus, we donate the money to selected charities.

What does that mean?


Insurance that makes sense

At the same time as you get a fantastic safety and service, we support a charity you are passionate about.


No conflicts of interests

There are no conflicts of interest between us, as we do not earn more by withholding compensation.


Helping is in our DNA

Charity is an important building block in our business model and is deeply rooted in our DNA.

How it works

1. You buy an insurance and choose a charity program you are a little extra passionate about.

2. Every year we make financial statements and see what is left over after we have paid all compensation.

AssistMe gives to charity

3. The money that is left over, we donate by our customers choice.

Do good, without doing anything

The more we become, the greater social impact we can create together. The only thing you need to do to be involved and influence is to download the app, buy one of our insurance policies and choose the charity program that you are a little extra passionate about.

Download our app and join us today.

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