We help you,
you help the world!

Our goal is to change people's perception of insurance from a necessary evil to something you actually understand. Fair compensation, instant service and a boost to charity organisations.

AssistMe gives back

We only charge a fixed fee from your premium. The rest is used to pay for claims. Any surplus is donated to a charity of your choice. This means that we don´t gain anything from delaying, denying or making it extra complicated for you to receive help and compensation.

This Means

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That you get a fantastic coverage, at the same time as we support the charity you are passionate about.
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There are no conflicts of interest between us, as we do not earn more by withholding compensation.
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Charity is an important building block in our business model and is deeply rooted in our DNA.

How it works

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1. You buy an assistance product and choose a charity program you want to support.
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2. Every year we make a financial statement and see what´s left after we´ve paid all claims.
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3. The money left over we distribute to the charity programs of your choice.

Take a stand and make the world a better place!

The more who joins us, the greater social impact we can create together. The only thing you need to do to make an impact is to download the app, buy one of our insurance policies and choose one of our charity programs.

Make a difference today.
Download our app.

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