About AssistMe

We are people who are passionate about helping and making it easy for other people in acute situations, with the help of innovative ideas, the latest technology, smart insurance solutions and a true customer focus.

We are AssistMe!

We have designed a completely new assistance experience based on how people actually want help when they are in need of assistance. We do this by combining technology with modern services and insurance solutions based on a model completely without conflicts of interest. With our new ideas, a clear customer first focus and the latest technology, we take assistance and insurance with Hyper Speed into the future.

Why AssistMe?

AssistMe was founded in 2020 to change a very outdated assistance and insurance model to make it easier and more advantageous for people in need of assistance.

How AssistMe works?

With a digital availability, instant service, decent insurance terms and a business model with a big heart, we can deliver the service people today expect from assistance and insurance!

What does AssistMe do?

We offer smart assistance services in a digital package that creates safety and significant values ​​in people's lives.

Management Team

Our management consists of innovative leaders with extensive experience from the assistance and insurance industry and innovators who have contributed to digital revolutions in several service industries.

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Alexander Schultz

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Alexander Yngling


We are looking for

We are constantly looking for people who can contribute to our work to help people and make our planet a better place.

No jobs available at the moment

Insurance Distributor

AssistMe acts as a group representative for AssistMe´s members and is registered as an affiliated insurance distributor with WR Berkley AG, Swedish Branch (WRB) for distribute WRB´'s insurance products.

AssistMe´'s registration can be checked at: Bolagsverket, 851 81 Sundsvall, telephone 060- 18 40 00, e-mail: bolagsverket@bolagsverket.se, web address: www.bolagsverket.se.

The registration refers to non-life insurance class 3 (land vehicles), 9 (other property damage), 10 (motor vehicle liability) and 18 (roadside assistance).

Upon request, WRB states whether an employee at AssistMe has the right to distribute insurance and whether this right is limited to a certain type of insurance.

AssistMe is under the supervision of Finansinspektionen, Box 7821, 103 97 Stockholm, telephone: 08-408 980 00, web address: www.fi.se, e-mail: finansinspektionen@fi.se.

AssistMe is under the supervision of the Swedish Consumer Agency with regard to marketing , Hello consumer, Box 48, 651 02 Karlstad, telephone: 0771-525 525, web address: www.hallakonsument.se, e-mail: info@hallakonsument.se