Assistance insurance in a smarter way!

Avoid hassle with insurance, phone queues, long wait for help and expensive surprises when you need road side assistance!

Want to know how ?


Som man förväntar en assistanstjänst, men inget man förväntar sig av en försäkring.

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Road side assistance
just a "click" away

Your digital assistance service with
personal insurance coverage

Road side assistance
as it should be!

Easily accessible 24/7
Service as insurance,, manage settings, report claims, chat with your AssistMe-team and track your claims live - all in the Assistme-App.
Instant Service
Order assistance with a "Click". Direct to nearest local supplier without delays. Report claims, and get paid in minutes - in the AssistMe-App.
Fair and flexible terms. No conflict of interest since we don´t earn more money by denying, stalling or obstruct your compensation.

How we differ from other insurance companies

Analogue and bureaucratic
Digital and easy
Only cover one specific car
Cover all cars you drive in
Time-consuming middlemen
No middlemen
Phone queues
Get help in seconds
Fights over money
No conflict of interest
Difficult to cancel
Terminate with a "Click"

Assistance Insurance
designed to be used

All our insurance cover is personal, which means that you are protected regardless of a breakdown in your own, borrowed or rented car when you drive or travel in it.

We only offer our insurance products to the Swedish market

Our app only support Swedish in the first version

Instant everything

Forget all about long reponse time and bureaucratic handling when you need help.

Se AssistMe in ”Action”

No unnecessary intermediaries, up to 70% faster response time!

What people are
saying about us

“It's unbelievable what simple insurance can be. So easy to buy and you have your protection with you at all times! Feeling super safe! Can only say TOP 👍"

Marcus Persson

"Had a breakdown last Saturday and used the service. Everything just exceeded my expectations! I was able to follow everything in the app and the tower who came was fantastic. She fixed the car at spot so I could drive again"

Per Engvall

“This is how good and simple all insurance should actually work. Have had a number of insurance companies over the years, but have never thought that I would be so impressed by an insurance”

Magnus Jonasson

How AssistMe works

Digital. Instant. Transparent.

1. Register a profile
in no time.

Download the app and fill in your information.

2. Get covered.
Pay by credit card.

Get a nice insurance while we support a charity of your choice.

3. Request Assistance
with a "Click"

Instant help. Follow the case live. We pay the suppliers directly.

4. Compensation
paid in minutes

Claim for compensation? Register in the app. Receive compensation instantly.

Join the insurance revolution!
Download the app today.

Top-Class Partners!

Together with top-class partners, we solve problems with hyperspeed!

The AssistMe model
Insurance with a big heart!

We only charge a fixed fee from your premium. The rest will be used to pay for claims. Unused claim money is donated to a charity of your choice. This means that we don´t gain anything from delaying, denying or making it extra complicated for you to receive help and compensation.

1. We only charge a fixed fee from the premium to cover our expenses.
2. The rest of the premium goes to pay for claims costs.
3. The money that is left over is donated to a charity of your choice.

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Backed by Berkley

Our insurance products are backed by Berkley Nordic, which is part of W.R. Berkley Corporation. W.R. Berkley is a worldwide non-life insurance company listed on the N.Y. Stock Exchange and is a Fortune 500 company.