Roadside Assistance
as a digital service

Easier. Faster. Better.

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Shit Happens!

Did you know that every year more than 1 million Swedes are in need of some form of assistance?

Then it is nice to know who to contact to get help, regardless of which car you are in, what happened or where you are.

Assistance in a completely new way!

Covered within seconds, assistance with the push of a button and get compensation immediately without hassle - all simple and collected in the AssistMe app!

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Up to 7x faster!

Forget all about telephone queues, unnecessary intermediaries and slow handling.

The nearest tow truck and qualified assistance service are always just a few "Click" away, and you follow everything live in the AssistMe-app

Get more for your money!

With well designed insurance terms in combination with a new business model, we can offer some of the market's best and most advantageous assistance insurance.

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Top-Class Partners!

Together with top-class partners, we solve problems with hyperspeed!

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AssistMe Assistance
Coverage on your terms

Regardless of whether you just want extra coverage for a single road trip or if you always want be covered in everyday life, we have the personal assistance products for your specific needs.

Today we only offer our products to Swedish citzens.
But we are coming to other countries soon.

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How we differ from other
insurance companies

Analogue and bureaucratic
Digital and easy
Only cover one specific car
Cover all cars you drive in
Time-consuming middlemen
No middlemen
Phone queues
Get help in seconds
Fights over money
No conflict of interest
Difficult to cancel
Terminate with a "Click"

The AssistMe model
Insurance with a big heart!

We only charge a fixed fee from your premium. The rest will be used to pay for claims. Unused claim money is donated to a charity of your choice. This means that we don´t gain anything from delaying, denying or making it extra complicated for you to receive help and compensation.

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1. We only charge a fixed fee from the premium to cover our expenses.
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2. The rest of the premium goes to pay for claims costs.
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3. The money that is left over is donated to a charity of your choice.
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Backed by Berkley

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Our insurance products are backed by Berkley Nordic, which is part of W.R. Berkley Corporation. W.R. Berkley is a worldwide non-life insurance company listed on the N.Y. Stock Exchange and is a Fortune 500 company.